With over 200 clients Indsys is a leading provider of drawing management services and information system development. We offer end to end solutions from field verification, scanning of drawings, drawing vectorization (CAD/CAFM), and an online web repository for real time drawing dissemination, management and maintenance.

CAD Outsourcing

The dawn of the 21st century has seen India emerge as an outsourcing hub with services ranging from call center operations to entire back office operations. Outsourcing helps companies to look towards the value chain and identify high leverage areas so as to better utilize its resources to exploit these areas. Outsourcing is a means to achieve competitive advantage by focusing on core competencies.

  • Field Verification
    Field Verification

Why you should outsource CAD work to drawing vectorization (CAD/CAFM), CAD outsourcing India

Outsourcing CAD work helps architects, engineers and facility managers to focus on there areas of expertise which is designing and project management rather than involving them in mundane activities such as drafting.

  • Huge cost savings due to availability of highly skilled CAD specialists at far lower costs
  • Provide the flexibility to increase manpower whenever required.
  • Readily available access to infrastructure that’s been setup by the vendor.
  • Stringent quality control measures, ensuring accuracy of drawings, implemention of correct architectural/engineering standards such as AIA and ISO standards as well as building standards such as BOMA/IFMA (Building Owners and Managers Association/International Facility Manager Association) standards.
  • Shorter project delivery time. Use the time difference to your advantage and ensure completion of work when you get it the next morning.

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