Frequently asked questions regarding CAD Outsourcing Services, CAD Conversion Process and Related Logistics

1. What kind of CAD standards do you use?
We use the CAD standards provided to us by the client. In the absence of any standards prescribed by the client we use default standards such as AIA, ISO, and BOMA standards.

2. How will the data be transferred and in what format do we need to supply drawings?
Data can be transferred to us by uploading it to our FTP site. Alternatively if you prefer you could send it through email or by courier service.The drawings can be sent to us in any electronic format whether raster or vector such as DWG, DWF, PDF, and TIFF format. Copies of paper drawings can also be sent for paper to CAD conversion.

3. How secure will our drawings and data be?
We make every effort to safeguard the electronic and paper files generated during the course of the project. Our FTP site is a Verisign secure site with 128 bit SSL encryption and each customer is provided with a username and password which ensures no unauthorized person gains access to your data. We also ensure that at no time files belonging to the client are taken out of the office premises.

4. What kind of drawing guarantee do you provide?
We provide full customer satisfaction on the accuracy (dimensions, spellings etc.) of our drawings as per inputs given by the customer. Any error on our part will be rectified free of charge. Any other minor modifications to the drawing will also be done at no cost to the client.

5. How do we communicate?
We can get in touch with you by phone as we use VOIP which makes it very cost effective for us to call you. Any queries by either side and project update reports can be sent through email or fax. A contact person will be assigned to you to answer any project related queries.

6. How do you assess costs per project? Will we be charged by man hours or sheet size?
Our pricing is done either on the basis of the square foot area covered in the drawings or on the basis of man hours required to complete a project. We do not charge by sheet size. All our drawings are made on a scale of 1:1 and depending on the clients needs we can later scale the drawings to different sizes for plotting purposes.

7. What is the turnaround time? How long does it take to complete a drawing? What all do we need to provide you with?
The turnaround time depending on the size and scope of a project can be as low as 24 hours. The time taken to complete a drawing is a factor of the drawing density (drawing detail), quality of the inputs we receive (raster images, paper drawings, CAD drawings, instructions) and area covered by the drawing. Therefore we can only provide you with a drawing estimate time once we see some of your drawing samples and thereby encourage you to send some of your drawings sample along with instructions pertaining to the usage of blocks, layers etc. while writing into us.

8. How do payments need to be made? Will we be charged monthly or by the job done?
Payments can be made to us in any currency through bank wire transfer. We are flexible on the matter of payment and can bill you on a monthly basis or by the job done. Incase you would like to be billed by the job done, in that case you would have to provide a down payment.
9. Do you provide any credit period?
We provide a 15 day credit period from the time of receipt of invoice. The invoices will be sent through email.

10. Which all companies have been your clients?
Over the years we have worked for various companies in the AEC industry as well as universities and hospitals. Click here to see a short list from our portfolio.

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