Rendering and Animations

Rendered CAD drawings allow the architects, builders and buyers to visualize the true perspective and beauty of a building with life like colors and textures and get that “WOW” effect. It helps mitigate all ambiguity about what the final outcome of a building would be which is always a case of concern with 2D drawings. From concrete finish to glass or wooden finishes, solid modeling gives the client the freedom to visualize and select the final finish at will. 3D drawings also play a big role in getting accurate Bill of Material (BOM) reports. While in 2D the reports are limited to “vanilla” areas made with polyline, 3D helps with more complex surface area and volumetric calculations to help determine the cost of materials used.

Creativity comes from within and can be in art form or also can be in a scientific and informative way. The project under discussion comes in the second category where the client has used an old photograph of a street showing a line of buildings. The building in center was brought down and a new one was to be built in place. All that the client had was plans, elevations and materials that were to be used in making the new building but he also had a very brilliant approach. He wanted this particular building to be removed from scene and what would be the new building inserted instead. Was it possible? Yes. From the drawings provided by the client the new building was created in 3D and rendered and using the materials proposed.

Before and after images is a reality in case. Click on the images below to view them in full size.


Photmontage rendering_T

Photomontage 3d max



3d max photomontage

Animation takes the rendered CAD drawings one step further in forming an important tool that helps communicate ones ideas at the time of marketing as well as to help illustrate ones conceptual designs to others in the organisation. It makes your rendered CAD models come to life by giving your audience a complete “walkthrough” or “flythrough” view from various 3D perspectives as if they were physically present at the site.

Click on the image below to download the architectural walkthrough/animation/flyover

 Mall - Architectural Animation and Walkthrough T floorplan_T air craft ani_00-thumbnail

Partner us at Indsys to convert your 2D drawings into wireframe drawings and eventually into rendered models or to make your 3D drawings with rendering and animations from scratch. Either way we help bring back the “wow” effect to your drawings!

Renderings – Click on the images below to view them in full size.

rendered interior Render from 3d max exterior rendering
 outsource rendering work to India  outsource rendering  Exterior Mansion - Architectural Visualization
 ving-room - 3D rendering  Hotel Room - 3D rendering

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