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Typical procedures for a building involve architects producing blueprints and clients marking up proposed changes that require documents to be redone. Final blueprints are handed off to the contractor, who makes more changes on his own before handing the building owner a set of drawings that may have little to do with the finished structure.

Mistakes typically account for 15 percent to 20 percent of the cost of a building project. Errors typically result from design mistakes and unclear design documentation. Using the right tools can dramatically reduce both. The great irony of CAD today is that if you talk to 100 of the top architectural firms, you’ll find 100 different CAD standards. Everybody has its own set of standards they’ve created for representing and organizing design data.

Click on the REVIT based architectural drawings below to view them in full size.

Revit Building system Revit 3d model Revit building 3d view Revit Building Section
 Revit building elevation plans  Revit building elevation  Revit roof plan and trusses  Revit floor plan and roof
 Revit stairs and sections  Revit plan and elevations Revit architectural floor plan Revit Floor plan

REVIT also promises to dramatically improve the way information gets handed from one stage of the building process to the next. BIM promises to help by centralizing the building process on a digital document that is revised throughout the design and construction phases, giving the architect, contractor and building owner a thorough representation of the new property.

 First_T  Section_T Elevation_T  Rear View_T

Click to view sample Bill of Material (BOM) Report (PDF Format)

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