Drawing Vectorization

Vectorization is conversion of bitmap images into vector format. Vector files are suitable for specialty printers and spot color separation, cut-ready art for vinyl signs, engraving, plotters, web use and more. We can also create vector line drawings from rough sketches. Vectorization can be done to “clean up” poor quality images or to scale images without losing quality.

Vector files can also be saved as or exported as many other file formats including: EPS, AI, CDR, PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG. Vector graphics are resolution independent, they can be used at the highest resolution possible. For example if a printer requests a 600 dpi (dots per inch) image file, the vector file can be printed at 600 dpi, if a printer requires a 1200 dpi file, the same vector file can be printed at 1500 dpi, etc.

Vector art is scalable as  a vector file can be enlarged to reduced to any size without losing quality. Raster images on the other hand are made of pixels and do not scale up without losing quality, they usually look pixelated when enlarged. Vector graphics are not made of pixels – they are composed of objects based on mathematical calculations – their quality is not affected when enlarged.

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