3D Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical detail drawings and modelling

Perhaps the most prolific person in the last two millenniums has been Leonardo da Vinci. He was not only a painter and sculptor he was also an architect, a botanist, a mathematician, an inventor extraordinaire and to cap it all – a brilliant scientist. Whatever he did, he easily put things to paper for all to see and understand as he was such a gifted artist. And what better way to put across your ideas than in graphic descriptions. Perhaps the modern concept of wire meshes and solid modeling has been inspired by the da Vinci genius. Just like his inventions his sketches were comprehensive with all clear lines showing the depths and dimensions, in our modern wire mesh and 3D modeling we try and be as comprehensive and demonstrative as were his inventions.

3D drawings have a great role to play when it comes to engineering drawings. Designing in 3D is much faster than traditional 2D drawings which allows an engineer to devote more time to designing activities rather than spending time drafting. Using 3D solid modeling engineers can produce a geometrically accurate “virtual prototype” that is used throughout the product development cycle, manufacturing, and assembly activities. 3D models allow engineers to study cross sectional views of various machine parts and determine parametric relationships between the parts. This is very important as it helps maintain required clearances and tolerances of assembly parts at the time of assembly which if not sorted out at the design stage itself proves very costly at the time of production. Once the solid model is made further CAE experiments can be carried out by simulating these models in a real world environment. With 3D solid modeling the opportunities are enormous and the results stunning. Perhaps da Vinci’s Mona Lisa can smile more broadly now!

3d drawing surface modeling

Click on the image below to view mechanical contraption.


Click on the image below to view the Aircarft 3D CAD model.

air craft ani_00-thumbnail

Typically clients require number of individual 3D CAD models/assemblies/drawings which join together to form a single complex assembly. It can be very difficult to assess what even a simple assembly may look like, without a visual of it. This process can be made extremely simple by using expertise in the fields of assembly modeling thereby, helping clients to see what their assembly’s would finally look like.

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