Drawing Development

Create accurate AsBuilt drawings for facility planning, maintenance, operations, compliance and reporting.

Drawings are the foundation of all facilities and project management systems. Accurate drawings in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system format depicting current layout inside and outside of buildings are essential for operations, maintenance, and planning purpose. Indsys has extensive experience in developing and maintaining all types of facility drawings and has created drawings for thousands of buildings owned by hundreds of customers in a variety of markets (i.e. Medical, Government, Education, etc.).

Facility project departments are continuously faced with major challenges managing AsBuilt drawings. Typically, most facility drawings are on paper. They may not have been updated since they were created years ago. Different sections of the building may have been constructed at different times, and none of the drawings show a ‘total view’. The drawings may simply be piled up somewhere, while technicians/engineers/architects spend hours and hours locating the one they need. When they do locate it, it may contain outdated information. Typically it is difficult to share paper drawings and layouts, especially those that have been marked up, by architects/engineers and consultants, or pass on the only copy you have, for fear it may not be returned.

CAD Drawing Development

CAD Based AsBuilt Drawings

The only effective, efficient, and long lasting solution to the facility drawing management problem is to convert them into an electronic CAD format, and store them in a computer system. Simply scanning paper drawing into a raster format is not sufficient, that only creates simple electronic pictures. One needs intelligent vectorized drawings accurately identifying where various objects are located, along with their spatial orientation, each of which can be changed independently. Drawings that contain remodeling projects that have occurred over the years should be both vectorized, and in a composite format showing the total view, to handle today’s facility problems effectively and efficiently.

All Major Disciplines


Indsys’ expertise covers all major disciplines. Our engineers know what is important, and what is not, from a facilities management point of view. We follow an incremental approach; we typically start with the vectorized composite floor plans and add, stack or layer one discipline on top of the other. You select the drawing order based on priorities and budget.

Life/Fire Safety
Medical Gases
Hazardous Materials
3D Drawings

CAD Standards

There is need to set guidelines and standards that define the contents and organization of your drawings. Indsys will work with you to define standards that will carry you well into the future. Think of what your drawings would look like if no standards were applied by each draftsperson and each organizational contributor with whom you interface…

Field Verification

Existing drawings may not truly show what the current conditions are. In most facilities, changes occur frequently and they may not all be documented. And even if the design documentation exists, AsBuilt conditions may be quite different from designs. This situation would require field verification. Field verification would focus on what is significant from a management point of view. Experience and expertise are important factors when performing field verification. Indsys has both.

Drawing Maintenance and Updating

Once your AsBuilt Drawings are in a vectorized CAD composite format, they need to be kept current. Changes happen frequently. You may be doing internal drawings projects, or you may be getting design drawings from your architects and engineers. Often, those remodeling drawings apply only to sections of the buildings. Typically these projects need to be field verified and created as ‘AsBuilt’ drawings. And any existing AsBuilt CAD drawings will also need to be accurately updated to reflect those, renovations. Indsys works to be your partner for all your drawing needs and updates. If you outsource your drawing work to Indsys, you can confidently depend on Indsys to  make  sure that your drawings are always current.

drawing development

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